BREAKING: Donald Trump Pulls Trigger – De Blasio Shocked

President Donald Trump tweeted mockingly at New York Mayor Bill de Blasio over the weekend after the mayor tweeted that it was a beautiful day in the city and reminded people to fight COVID-19 by wearing their masks and social distancing.

“But people don’t want to get mugged, beaten up, or killed,” Trump said. “Let New York’s Finest (who proudly endorsed me!) do their job. Rehire crime squad and fired police. They will bring safety back to NYC, FAST!!!”

Trump was referencing a spike in crime that has happened recently in New York and many other large cities.

It seems to be related to the recent protests over police brutality and some steps taken to defund police or cut their budgets, which may have emboldened those likely to commit crimes. New York City has also done away with cash bail, which has released more of the people most likely to commit crimes onto the streets.

Shutdowns that have caused high unemployment may also be contributing to the crime spree. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said the city hit a 25-year high in gun busts in September with 160 arrests this month so far.

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