BREAKING: Donald Trump Proven RIGHT – Proof Reveals He Is…

Chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) said at CPAC on Saturday that the Republican party will lose future elections if they cut ties with former President Donald Trump and his connection with working class voters.

“There are very few Republicans; the least popular are those that want to erase Donald Trump and Donald Trump supporters from our party. Let me tell you, if that happens, we will not win back the majority in 2022; we definitely won’t win back the White House in 2024 if you erase Donald Trump,” Banks told the CPAC crowd.

Banks also noted that the Republicans who supported Trump were the most popular with voters and those that were least popular were those that didn’t support Trump.

Banks looked forward to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) being speaker after the 2022 election. McCarthy was the most popular Republican with voters.

Banks said the GOP has become the party of the working class, while the Democrat party has become the party of the elite.

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3 Responses

  1. Wake up Republicans. 75 and more million Trump supporters voted for our president and the down ballots. The ones who lost in many cases were stolen, not lost by us not voting for them. Many of the supposed losses, from President Trump to some on the down ballots, especially 4 senators, were caused by RINOs and other republicans failure to fight to have the election audited. In all the battleground states RINOs are still standing in the way of an honest election and audits of the results in their state. So if you are a republican and you stand in the way of proving election fraud took place or you continue to call Trump supporters names and want them out of the party then quit asking for donations and our vote. We are not going away and we are watching you. I personally am a registered non-affiliated voter who is a Trump supporter. As long as there is one RINO in the party I will not join, however I will be voting for any Trump Republican who runs in my district and state. So RINOs keep that in mind for the upcoming election. Especially when we vote for a new governor after we recall our present one.

  2. Not only did the members of the Republican Party turn on President Trump they turned on all who support and stand with President Trump.
    Also, the Supreme Court did nothing but
    Ignore the rigged election.
    What good are they ? It is shameful !!

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