BREAKING: Donald Trump Proven Right – GOP Confirms Evidence

In an Axios TV interview, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that former President Donald Trump was still a “dominant force” in the Republican party even after the Capitol riot and his attempts to get Vice President Mike Pence to overturn some states’ votes.

Reporter Jonathan Swan said, “Trump flags crashed into the Capitol, five people died. You said yourself he tied to get Pence to do something illegal and unconstitutional. I just don’t get how after all of that, you go down to Mar-a-Lago, and you are best pals with him again.”

“Well, because he is a dominant force in the Republican Party,” Graham replied. He also said that the deaths were from “heart attacks” and that Trump wasn’t legally responsible for them, and in fact, four of the five deaths appear to be due to a preexisting health condition rather than directly due to the riot.

Ultimately, Graham said, “It’s up to American people if they want the Trump movement to continue.”

Despite all of Trump’s flaws, he is a true leader and that’s why so many people still follow him–including Graham, it seems.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

  1. We want President Trump because he loves our country and is willing to fight for America. The majority of the Senate and House hate America and need to be removed. What we have now is a travesty and a slap in the face of every veteran since the beginning of America.

  2. Trump is our president he love’s Americans and fights to uphold the constitution and make America great not to help China Russia and Iran China Joe is communist without a brain and a son that screws his dead brothers wife while Joe Biden is showing with his daughter sick bunch communists wake up all 80 million voters HA HA like that really happened

  3. Now we need the high court to step up and do their job and declare the election invalid.We the people will demand that they do so. Stop all this malarkey and get the job done right by the book .

    1. Unfortunately, Harold, we do not have a supreme court, if we had a supreme court Biden, would not be in office. The entire world knows that the election was rigged, how else would a senile, lying, greedy, corrupt politician get in the White House. The country cannot tolerate four years of this dementia riddled idiot. At the rate that he is damaging the country in four years we will not have a country.
      China and the rest of the world would be extremely happy with the destruction of the United States.

  4. Pence should have said during the process of counting the electoral the following State are contesting the election due to violating existing laws, therefore I cannot count those Electoral vote because they violated Article 2 Section 1 and the Supreme Court must Nullify the entire election.

  5. Trump is our POTUS! Biden is a whacko demented criminal and so are his family members! SCOTUS should void the election due to corruption that was proven. Our sinister judicial branch is to blame for not hearing actual evidence! Who has the power to stop a national election count in the early am? The demonic DNC and the swamp! Who doesn’t know this?

    I only pray all you morons who actually voted for Biden and other leftists get your just due in life! You are miserable criminals and deserve nothing! You will pay for your votes! Biden is ruining the only great country in the world!

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