BREAKING: Donald Trump PRESIDENTIAL Announcement – World Prepares…

New York Times columnist David Brooks made the insane claim that Donald Trump would do a worse job handling Vladimir Putin if he was president right now.

Brooks made the claim during an interview with “PBS NewsHour” on Friday, saying that “Donald Trump was never one to really go toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin.”

Of course, this ignores the fact that under President Trump, the world was a safer place, and the cause of peace was winning. Now under President Biden, Putin is on the verge of seizing a large chunk of Ukraine.

Brooks went on to claim that “The Biden administration has done an excellent job of rallying the Western alliance. It’s been a demonstration of why the world needs America to be a leader of the free world. Whether that will last as the costs ratchet up for all of us in the West, we will see. But, right now, it looks quite unified to me.”

Brooks isn’t the only one who is in denial about President Biden’s ability to go “toe-to-toe” with Putin. The entire Democrat Party has chosen to ignore President Biden’s complete inability to project power on the world stage.

Vladimir Putin knew that with Donald Trump as President, he had a true adversary, and as such, he chose to remain peaceful. Only with Trump gone and Biden in charge has Russia decided to make their move.

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