BREAKING: Donald Trump Officially WINS In New Count – Voters Cheering…

A new Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey released on Thursday found that former President Donald Trump has a massive seven-point lead over President Biden among Independent voters.

The survey asked voters “If the candidates for the Presidential Election on November 5, 2024, are as follows, for whom will you vote?”

Trump and Biden are in a statistical tie as both garnered 41% of the vote, with 11% of respondents remaining undecided.

Republican and Democrat affiliated respondents predictably supported candidates along party lines, leaving the Independents as the most important block.

For Trump to take such a decisive lead among Indendpent voters should set off alarm bells in the Biden administration. President Biden’s popularity is crashing so badly that he is on the verge of resurrecting Trump’s presidential aspirations.

Even worse for President Biden, a massive 34% of voters who did not vote in 2020 said they would support Trump if he ran in 2024. This poll, alongside many others, is the latest to recognize a growing resurgence of Trump’s popularity that should terrify Democrats.

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