BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes Stunning Announcement – Demands GOP Take Action…

Former President Donald Trump has called on the Republican Party to jump into action and get more ICE officers recruited to “find, detain, and deport” every illegal alien that has been let in by the Biden administration.

During a rally in Arizona, Trump said, “One of the highest priorities when Republicans take back Congress and eventually the White House will be to have a massive increase in the number of ICE officers, so that we can find, detain, and deport every one of the illegal aliens that Joe Biden has released into our country.”

Since taking office, President Biden has allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented illegal aliens into the United States with no resistance.

The awful immigration policy of the Biden administration has created a ticking time bomb, and Trump is right on the money when he says Republicans must address the issue.

Trump continued saying, “We should also pass a law that says that Sanctuary City officials who knowingly release criminal aliens will be charged as accessories in any future crimes—thereby ending Sanctuary Cities once and for all.”

Trump cares about immigration, and so does his substantial voter base that Republicans need to allow them to take Congress in the midterm elections. If Republicans take power, they now know exactly what needs to be done to fix the mess that President Biden has created.

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