BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes Shocking Election Prediction – Voters Are Stunned…

Former President Donald Trump said in a recent interview that he thinks he would beat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), if the latter decides to run for president in 2024.

“I don’t know if Ron is running, and I don’t ask him,” Trump told the New Yorker magazine in an interview. “It’s his prerogative. I think I would win.”

No candidates have announced a run in 2024 yet, and probably won’t until after the midterm elections, but Trump has strongly hinted that he wants another chance at a second term in office.

Trump said he has a good relationship with DeSantis, whom he endorsed in 2018 for governor.

DeSantis has largely declined to comment on running in 2024, but has not said he won’t run.

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One Response

  1. I thank Ron would make a good president But things is so bad under Biden
    i thank we need Trump back in office…But we surely need Biden and the
    dems clean out of washington….all the old cogers that has been office
    for years an tried to break the country up……..seems on purpose…… There
    is still plenty of time for Ron to run…if we can fire all the sorry dems then
    you will see good times again..So i thank things will start looking good
    with the dems GONE for a long time so lets go REPS its yours to win…………

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