BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes It Official – Releases New Plan For…

Former President Donald Trump’s has launched a new section of his website that highlights his media statements and allows supporters to share them on social media, which immediately led his political opponents to mock him for supposedly calling it a social media platform.

Fox News reported the new “communications platform,” and journalists immediately began to mock it as a ridiculous “blog.”

Transition team head Jason Miller clarified that this new feature was not a new social media platform, and that more news about that would be coming.

“President Trump’s website is a great resource to find his latest statements and highlights from his first term in office, but this is not a new social media platform,” Miller tweeted. “We’ll have additional information coming on that front in the very near future.”

It’s just another example of the rabid Trump-hate that characterizes the mainstream media.

Read the full story here.

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