BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes It Official – He Will Do It Again

President Donald Trump just made it official — he will do it again and there is nothing the DC swamp can do to stop him. This is a stunning move.

“It’s been an amazing four years,” said Trump to supporters at a White House Christmas gathering. “We’re trying to do another four years, otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.” Liberals are freaking out right now.

They thought that by trying to push him out this time, he would just go away quietly. But that is not how Trump works; hate doesn’t like to lose and that motivates him to come back even stronger.

If Trump does decide to run again in 2024, a recent poll shows “53 percent of support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents,” meaning he could already have the Republican Party’s nominated clinched.

Granted, a lot can happen in four years, but the 2020 election appears to have only motivated Trump to double-down and keep fighting. He is still fighting for every legal vote cast even as the media has declared Joe Biden “president-elect.”

Bur even if Trump decides against running for president four years from now, he will continue to be a force within the party — he is a prolific fundraiser and knows how to turn out massive crowds. He isn’t going anywhere.

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