BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes HISTORY – He’s Done It

President Donald Trump just made history. He has done it — even though the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media will try to ignore it.

“I believe that Donald Trump has added to the Republican Party just as Lincoln did, and Reagan did, and Goldwater did,” said Congressman-elect Darrell Issa (R-CA) on Fox News this week.

Issa continued: “These are lasting people still mark each of those historical figures in a very special way. And so I think when you take the party of Reagan, and then you add Lincoln, then you add Trump you get our party.”

Democrats don’t want to believe the trend, however. Regardless of what happens with the presidential race, Trump and Republicans down the ballot added to the party in a way that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s.

Cuban-Americans were instrumental to Trump’s victory in Florida, while in Zapata County, Texas, Trump won the county. It is important to note that Zapata is a border county and also “95 percent Hispanic.”

Trump also turned out a record number of African-American voters to support him, particularly for a Republican candidate. Individual freedom and patriotism are bold, attractive values — no matter one’s personal background.

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