BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes BRUTAL Move – Joe Biden Is FUMING

During a rally in Pennsylvania on Monday, President Donald Trump referenced Joe Biden’s most recent gaffe–forgetting his opponent’s name during a Sunday virtual campaign event.

“Could you imagine? He can’t remember my name,” Trump said. “Now I’m not that big of an ego guy … I happen to be president. He could not remember my name yesterday.”

Biden said during the event that the country couldn’t afford “four more years of George, uh, George,” apparently referring to Trump as his Republican predecessor George W. Bush.

“This is what you’re putting in office, I don’t think he’s going to make it,” Trump said at the rally.

He also referenced Biden’s many recent days staying off the campaign trail, while Trump does three rallies a day. “Can you believe this? I’m running against this,” Trump said. “I am running against the worst candidate in the history of Presidential politics.”

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