BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes Bombshell Statement About Criminal Action

Former President Donald Trump issued a challenge to Republicans to make it illegal for a business to fire a worker for being unvaccinated during a rally in North Carolina on Saturday.

Trump told a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, “One of the first things that we will do with our new Republican majority is to end every last covid mandate. They’re still around, it’s hard to believe. We will pass a bill making it illegal for any employer to interfere in personal health decisions or to fire employees simply for not having the vaccine.”

Trump touched on a lot of crucial issues during his rally as he continues his tour around the United States that many believe is a precursor to a presidential campaign in 2024.

For now, the former President is touring the nation in support of Republicans in the midterm elections. Republicans stand a good chance of seizing power in the legislative branch, and if they do, there is a lot of work to do.

Eradicating Covid-19 restrictions and giving Americans legal protection against discrimination will be near the top of the list of things to accomplish.

Trump making his stance clear on the issue of employee’s rights is critical as it sends a message to Republicans to get on board or be left behind. Any Republican who doesn’t support the rights of unvaccinated Americans can expect to fail.

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