BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Releases Statement On Going To Jail – Family In Shock

Donald Trump Jr. told Sean Hannity Wednesday night that he would “be in jail right now” if he had the same business dealings as Hunter Biden.

Trump Jr. chronicled Hunter Biden’s $1.5 billion deal with China along with $3.5 million from the wife of the former Moscow mayor.

I took a 20-minute meeting, I did 30 hours plus of testimony between the House and the Senate, not because I did anything wrong, but they were hoping that you know what if I misspoke, if, Sean, if I said the meeting happened at 12:01, no, no, it was 12:02, I’d be in jail right now,” Trump Jr. said, referring to a meeting with Russian leaders that he previously said he thought was about adoptions there.

“The fact that they’re not looking into it, the fact that some of these monies are tied to human trafficking and prostitution is absolutely disgusting, and they’re turning a blind eye to this,” Trump added.

Biden reportedly has retained stock options and still sits on some foreign boards even after the scrutiny he has received.

“If I did one-one hundredth of it, Sean, I’d be in jail, and it’d be the biggest news story of the decade,” Trump said. “We’d hear about it every day asking Donald Trump to drop out of the race.”

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