BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Confirms Stunning News – Fans Cheering…

Donald Trump, Jr. is coming in hot with unabashed support of a “rock solid conservative, who has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we move the America First mission forward.”

“Donald Trump, Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, reiterated his support for Republican Rep. Mo Brooks in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race,” reports Breitbart News.

“Recent polling shows a tight three-way race between Brooks, former Business Council of Alabama head Katie Britt and U.S. Army veteran Mike Durant for the Republican Party nomination,” reports Breitbart News.

Trump, Jr. explained his support in a statement in a fundraising email.

“There’s a reason that my father, Donald Trump, has endorsed Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate,” Trump, Jr. said. “And there’s a reason that I endorsed him too: Mo is a rock solid conservative, who has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we move the America First mission forward. If we want to make a change, we’re going to have to win big with candidates who embrace the America First agenda. And that starts with Mo Brooks in Alabama.”

“Mo doesn’t worry about making friends with Democrat leaders or political elites who don’t represent YOU,” Trump, Jr. added.

“He doesn’t care about being popular with the anti-American mobs,” Trump, Jr. continued. “He cares most about making life better – making it GREAT – for hard-working American families like yours. He’s been a consistently conservative member of Congress and one of my father’s greatest allies since the day my father took office. But let me tell you my favorite thing about Mo: he has the will to accomplish what others say cannot be accomplished. When people tell Mo it can’t be done, it only guarantees it WILL be done. When they say something is impossible, it only fuels him to make sure it happens. I know first-hand that the movement we started with my father is stronger than ever and it WILL carry us to better times.”

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