BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Confirms Rumors – It’s Really Happening…

Donald Trump Jr. confirmed that the American people will be paying the price for President Biden’s sweeping immigration changes that will lead to a rush by immigrants to the United States.

Trump Jr. sat down for an interview with Breitbart News’s Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle. He explained his father’s immigration policy and his goals of shrinking the labor market by cutting immigration.

Former President Donald Trump sought to stop illegal immigration and curb legal immigration to drive up wages for workers already here.

Now with Joe Biden in office, all the work that Trump did is being undone, and Americans will be paying when millions of immigrants come to the United States.

Donald Trump Jr. said, “The plans that Joe Biden is putting forth, it’s creating a flood into this country. What is that going to do to the lowest income earners? It’s probably not going to be guys like me,” Trump Jr. continued. “It’s the lowest income earners who for the first time in modern history under Donald Trump actually saw real wage gains.”

Increasing immigration will lower the wages of a majority of Americans. The only people who stand to gain from this are the 1% and Biden’s corporate donors.

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