BREAKING: Donald Trump Jr. Confirms Rumors – It’s 100 Percent True

Donald Trump Jr. came out in support of J.D. Vance, Republican Ohio Senate candidate, after he was called a “never-Trumper” and not America first.

“I’m getting tired of watching the neocons in #OHSen running dishonest ads calling [Vance] a never-Trumper. It’s BS,” said Trump Jr. “A lot of conservatives were skeptical of DJT in 2016 & got won over when they saw him in action. JD is 100% America First.”

Trump Jr. said that his comments are not an endorsement, “but enough is enough with the lies being told about this guy from his opponents.”

“This was in response to a post from Vance explaining his stance on not ‘recklessly endorsing a European led no-fly-zone in Ukraine’ at the most recent debate, which his opponents Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons both did. He explained that ‘a European-led no-fly zone is actually an American-led no-fly zone,'” reports Breitbart News.

“I find it preposterous that so-called America first conservatives would advocate allowing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris… to lead us into a conflict,” Vance added.

Vance noted that it is not America first “to give Joe Biden more power,” “to ignore the problems of your own country and to focus instead on Ukraine,” and “to allow our sons and daughters to die in a war that is not in our national interest. Enough with the warmongering. Enough with the escalation.”

“Let’s focus on our own citizens, our own problems, and ignore the candidates who want us to fight a war with Vladimir Putin because it makes them feel tough. It’s a ridiculous idea,” Vance said.

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