BREAKING: Donald Trump Issues Warning – He’s Pulling The Trigger

President Donald Trump took shots at Senate Republicans over their inaction against Big Tech companies and their failure to reform Section 230, which would strip Big Tech of their immunity to legal consequences for censorship.

President Trump said, “Looks like certain Republican Senators are getting cold feet with respect to the termination of Big Tech’s Section 230, a National Security and Election Integrity MUST. For years, all talk, no action. Termination must be put in Defense Bill!!!

Even as Senate Republicans are begging for Trump voters to come out and support them in the Georgia Senate races, they are refusing to actually do something critically important.

Big Tech is the single largest obstacle to the Republican party as their stranglehold on information plays a key role in helping Democrats. Big Tech is the single greatest threat to free speech, and Republicans refuse to do anything about it.

Republicans make promises every election season to accomplish important objectives, yet as soon as the election is over, they go back to being timid and having “cold feet.”

It would be a good time for President Trump to remind Republicans that they will suffer heavily in future elections without him. His base is not loyal to Republicans and will remember their failures.

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