BREAKING: Donald Trump Is REALLY Doing It – GOP Is Cheering

Former President Donald Trump is vetting candidates for the 2022 midterm elections and reportedly held a meeting with four prospective candidates vying for Ohio’s Senate seat on Wednesday.

Reportedly the meeting was an intense one that indicated that Trump is incredibly thorough about who he will endorse.

Since leaving the White House in January, the former President has been busy setting himself up as the de-facto leader of the Republican party. Trump’s endorsement will likely decide elections, and his endorsement will only be given to candidates who embrace his “America First” platform.

Trump has been engaged in a cold war against the Republican establishment ever since he announced his candidacy in 2015, and slowly but surely, he is beating them back.

Trump’s “America First” platform is the future, and any Republicans that stand in the way of that agenda will find themselves deposed. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is already feeling the effect of Trump’s wrath and could be the first major establishment figure unseated by Trump.

Trump’s activities are terrifying to both establishment Republicans and the Democrat party. They thought they got rid of him when President Biden won the election, but that loss gave Trump more flexibility to remake the Republican party into something greater.

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16 Responses

  1. trump didn’t loose the election it was stolen by the corrupt commie democrats america first always Trump is a man of his word so get over it

    1. I think that by the time elections come around again, this country will be in turmoil! Praying that our voting rights will still be intact! Also hoping the ‘Red’ states will tighten up their election laws and Enforce them! The ‘blue’ states will probably cheat worse than ever to make up for the losses!!

      1. I think you are absolutely right. The USA will be unrecognizable by 2022. We will be a Marxist nation. Too little, too late.

    2. That’s for sure. The Demo’s will do anything to change things into their favor. We must stand firm no matter what.

  2. Could have cancelled all the states that cheated and revoted. The constitution hadn’t been followed which meant that the vote was rigged. We would still have Trump as President! Glad he is still involved.

  3. The Democrats are frauds and cheats. People are tired of your lie’s and have witnessed your thievery. You have no respect for our rules of law and have totally destroyed any faith in the Democrat Party. Shame on all of you.

  4. I know I won’t vote for a candidate that is not endorsed by President Trump (BTW, he didn’t lose the election, the Liberal Left stole it from him and us!) Thank goodness President Trump is staying involved!

    1. I’m also delighted that he’s now doing ‘his work’ outside of the presidency!! He’s a ‘smart cookie’ and can ‘lead from behind’ far better than Obama ever imagined!! LOL Once outside of the ‘presidential’ restrictions, he is free to help lead us in the ‘right direction’. Now it’s up to US to pitch in and do OUR job!! Research these candidates and vote! Hopefully, we’ll still have our voting rights by then. The Dems are determined to give them away to ‘anyone’ and ‘everyone’ on the planet.

  5. The Repulican party needs to wake up and realize that the Democrat party is an evil criminal enterprise, who will use illegal means to sink the country and continue acting as an agent of the CCP. If they ever take power again they need to be equally ruthless. Treat them as an enemy of the state.

  6. Don’t they ‘get it’ yet??? There is NO BIPARTISAN dealings with the Dems!!! The only ‘bipartisan’ they recognize is when you go ‘Their Way’!! They never ‘cross the isle’ for the America First agenda or anything that gets in their way of seizing total power!! Like Susan Collins, you just can NOT deal a compromise with the Demoncrats!! It is NOT going to happen–not ‘now’, not EVER!!

  7. Hallelujah, President Trump is bringing the Republicans back, not the establishment Republicans. He, himself is vetting candidates for the 2022 elections for House Representatives and Senators from Ohio. I believe only certain states. The states with many electoral colleges who vote. States that turned red to blue during the Presidential election. President Trump is determined to take control of the House Republicans and the Senate in 2022. The Republican will take back the Presidency in 2024. It’s going to hard to remove the majority of Democrats during this time. But we need to keep on fighting.

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