BREAKING: Donald Trump Is Laughing – Poll REVERSAL Stuns Nation

President Donald Trump is laughing. This poll reversal just stunned the entire nation, but Trump expected it all along — and now Democrats are scrambling to cover up the damage. Joe Biden is terrified.

Matt Murtaugh, the communications director for Trump’s re-election campaign, discovered a grievous error in “two recent CNN and Quinnipiac polls, which had a sample of only 24 percent who identified as Republicans.” It appears these polls are intentionally undersampling GOP voters.

“Twenty-four percent — less than a quarter of the country,” Murtaugh continued. “That compares to Republican turnout according to exit polls in both 2016 and 2018 of 33 percent, so they’re undersampling Republicans by 9 points in that poll.”

Where did these voters go, one may ask? That is a good question. Apparently, CNN is content to just forgetting they exist. After all, it is serving the mainstream media’s narrative that somehow Trump is losing dramatically to Biden in a head-to-head match-up.

But Americans know that the media can’t be trusted. The polls were way off in 2019 and there’s no way they are accurate now. Furthermore, we elect the president state-by-state, not by a national popular vote — much to the dismay of Democrats wanting to destroy our constitutional system.

Furthermore, as the economy continues to recover and order is restored in the streets, there is only one direction Trump can go and that’s up. Biden, on the other hand, has struggled for relevancy since the beginning and he is going to pay for it at the ballot box in November.

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