BREAKING: Donald Trump Impeachment Reversal – Democrats Furious

The news just dropped about an impeachment ‘reversal’ for former President Donald Trump. Democrats are completely furious — their plan is ruined.

“The bottom line is, I believe an impeachment of the president out of office is unconstitutional,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). “I don’t believe the speech given by the president fits the incitement statute. That is not a crime.”

Appearing on Fox News, Graham was referring to Trump’s upcoming Senate trial. Democrats’ flimsy impeachment standard, that he somehow “incited” the Capitol riot, is unprovable and contrary to the facts.

Furthermore, Trump is now a private citizen. There is a reason why Chief Justice John Roberts isn’t presiding over the trial, as is required by the Constitution — the process is meant for the removal of a sitting president.

As such, Graham is confident that Trump will be acquitted. “I’m confident of the outcome here that we’re going to have more than 45 votes for a motion to dismiss on the idea that this is unconstitutional impeachment pursuing somebody out of office,” he said.

A test vote has already been held as well. Recently, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) made a motion on the Senate floor to declare the trial unconstitutional. Altogether, 45 Republicans did so. Trump will not be convicted.

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