BREAKING: Donald Trump HEALTH Announcement – This Is TRAGIC

A health announcement about President Donald Trump just dropped. This is tragic to hear, and the person pushing it should be ashamed. Take note, America.

Far-left actor Robert DeNiro launched a profanity-laced tirade against Trump and his supporters on national television. Among other things, he said that the president is “crazy” and “possibly medically, too.”

Apparently, this is all washed-up Hollywood elites have to do with their time — appear on CNN to attack President Trump. DeNiro also said “f– ’em” to a question about his Fox News critics.

Of course, the actor could not specify any other reasons why he was so anti-Trump, other than the belief that the president is “crazy.” This just goes to show that most celebrities don’t have much going on upstairs.

In fact, to a question about why he disliked Trump so much, DeNiro said, “I don’t know. I think he’s crazy in a way. Part of him is just crazy.”

Here’s the truth about Hollywood: The Golden Age is long gone. Now, it is full of self-serving liberals who look down on the rest of America from their ivory tower. Hollywood and the Democratic Party are one and the same, and Americans should remember this come election time.

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