BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets The News He’s Been Waiting For – It’s About To Happen…

A recent poll revealed the majority of Americans would support a “Republican Supporting Trump’s Policies” for president.

The RMG Research/Scott Rasmussen survey asked:

Suppose you had a choice between four presidential candidates. All four had equal skills and temperament. Would you prefer a Republican who supported policies like President Trump, a more traditional Republican, a Democrat who supported policies similar to Senator Bernie Sanders, or a more traditional Democrat?

“Of those choices, a plurality, 30 percent, said they would support a Republican supporting Trump’s policies, compared to 17 percent who said a ‘more traditional Republican,’ reinforcing the fact that former President Trump continues to have a firm influence on the direction of the GOP,” according to Breitbart News.

“21 percent said they would support a Democrat ‘supporting Sanders’ policies,’ while 19 percent said a ‘more traditional Democrat.’ 13 percent said they are not sure,” reported Breitbart News.

A McLaughlin & Associates survey showed Trump leading potential challengers by 40 points:

To read the full story, click here.

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