BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets It DONE – Fans Are Cheering

Donald Trump has been out of office for six months now, but his decisions from those good old days are still reverberating shockwaves of pleasure around the world.

In fact, it was because of a Donald Trump-led deal that the United Arab Emirates formally opened its embassy in Israel, just a week after Jerusalem opened its own embassy in Abu Dhabi.

If it weren’t for Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords, the two countries never would have normalized diplomatic ties.

Why is it that liberals insist Donald Trump and his fans are filled with racism and hate, when so many good things in other parts of the world are happening because of these allegedly hate-filled people?

Oh. I know. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

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4 Responses

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  3. Time tells it all – that is if the US can put up with this farce !!! Common sense policies are asinine to say the least !!! Common sense goes a long way – what has happened to destroy America the way it has ??? What has happened to destroy of good country such as the US ??? This is such as shame with people talking nonsense nd acting like they know something !!!

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