BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets INCREDIBLE Election News – Voters Cheering

It’s still really, really early in the 2024 presidential election cycle, but at this point former President Donald Trump still commands a lot of loyalty in the Republican party.

In a hypothetical matchup, Trump leads his nearest primary challenger by 35 points. 47% supported the former president for another term, followed distantly by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence at 12% each.

The survey also asked voters what kind of role Trump should play in the Republican party in the future. 47% said he should not play a role, while 31% said he should play a major role and 12% said he should play a minor role.

While Trump has more support than other candidates, half of those surveyed did not think he should run for president again. Only a quarter said he should “definitely” run, while another 10% said he should “probably” run.

Trump has not said whether or not he is running for president in 2024, but did say he has made a decision about whether to run.

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12 Responses

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  4. We need him back…NOW!!! Cheaters should be eliminated and punished and we need our legally elected President back in the WH!!! ASAP!!

  5. Trump must run for President in 2024 and run Ron DeSantis as his VP!!!! No if ands or buts about it

  6. We need TRUMP to save America and its people before we all go down the drain…HELP MR TRUMP. You belong in the White House, not the clown (JOE) who is destroying our country. Make America great again,,please

  7. All of the Dems and Rinos all need to face life in prison for Treason. We need to put all of the high tech elites in prison and George Soros to face Treason as well. There are many more that need these charges as well. Love DJ Trump to clean up the mess.

  8. The thieves must be vanquished from office by voting every Democrat out of office. Wake up America and demand the woke idiots be held accountable for attempting to destroy our Republic.

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