BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets HUGE News – State Makes It Official…

Former President Donald Trump got huge news in the form of an announcement that the Lyon County Justice Complex in Western Nevada has been renamed to honor Trump.

A formal ceremony was held earlier this month to rename the complex to the Donald J. Trump Justice Complex.

The Board of Commissioners approved the name change in August of 2020, a move that didn’t go without controversy.

Trump has remained a divisive and polarizing figure since leaving office over a year ago, partly thanks to the extensive coverage he continues to receive from the mainstream media.

In spite of the boatload of negative coverage that Trump receives, his popularity is climbing steadily. The collective failure of the Democrat Party has gone a long way to remind Americans just how good they had it under Donald Trump.

The renaming of this complex in Nevada could be significant as Nevada could very well be an important swing state in upcoming elections. Republicans will likely be eying Nevada’s electoral votes in 2024 whether or not Trump is on the ballot.

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