BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets Great News – GOP Reveals Future

President Donald Trump just recieved great news. The Republican Party has revealed its future and liberal Democrats are absolutely terrified.

“He can make it bigger; he can make it stronger; he can make it more diverse; and he could destroy it,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) referring to Trump. In short, the former president has the reins of the GOP.

Appearing on ‘Axios on HBO,’ Graham also said that Trump can fashion the party into  “something that nobody else I know can make it.” He is right, of course — and the voting data from the 2020 election proves it.

Trump received the most votes of any incumbent president in American history and expanded the GOP’s reach. Recently, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) made an astute observation that party leaders should embrace.

“The Republican Party is no longer the ‘wine and cheese’ party,” he said. “It’s the beer and blue jeans party.” Jordan is basically saying here that the GOP has been transformed into a blue-collar party.

Graham, who has maintained a friendship with Trump, wants to see the party continue to grow and he recognizes that Trump is the one to make it happen. It isn’t with another milquetoast Republican like Mitt Romney.

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15 Responses

    1. I agree. Each day I get emails from Republicans asking for money. I ask them what they are doing to get President Trump back into the office he won. I don’t give to democrats and I won’t give to the republicans as long as they continue to support RINOs who vote against Trump and his 80 million supporters. They failed Trump and us and until they show their support by their actions I will only donate to Trump endorsed candidates. If we all stand with Trump and those we know are his supporters in congress we can turn this around. Cancel culture might try to silence us but we still have word of mouth and snail mail.

  1. I can’t wait for Trump to take the reins again. Our country and it’s values are slipping away fast. I hope it’s not too late.

  2. It’s about time someone changed the GOP for the better, to more represent the People out in Fly Over Land …. and those who daily go to work to make America Great. GOP should target and focus on broadening the tent with Blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans. And Trump can do it, but so can the GOP if they put their minds and efforts and start encountering and courting those communities of color to the GOP tent.

    Start by properly informing black Americans that they are truly suffering from Democrat Policies and programs that have trapped them into economic dependency and welfare poverty. The way out is through old fashioned hard work and enterprise.

  3. Trump has my 100% support. Biden needs to go back to his basement. He is totally better off where he is at. We don’t want to know him whatsoever. Right?

    We need to start investigating on him.

    Go for Trump

  4. I would vote for any person that puts America first. Right now Trump seems to be the only one that wants to do that. Could it be because he is not financially beholden to any other country or person unlike most of our present administration.

    And by the way….again the dems know how to deflect attention from the obvious. Is banning his dogs from the White House really important news?

  5. I will support Trump, all the way. I just wish that they would find out who was behind the “so called” elections for 2020, we all know that the numbers do not make sense. When you come out with more votes than you have people, something stinks!!

    1. We know who is and was behind the theif of our elections!! The scumbag’s in the democommies party, Pig-lousey,Schumer and All the other scums!

  6. Donald Trump has accomplished more for ALL of us, even those who will NOT admit it than many presidents before him! His family has put up with many ugly and undeserved statements and treatments. He has earned and deserves our respect and I pray that he will be our next President! God answers prayers!✝️

  7. I would definitely support President Trump. He demonstrates he patriotic love for our country and is able to define the right direction our country needs to look forward to. Yes, I will support President Trump gladly!

  8. Bring back Trump no one voted for Kamala Hoe Harris Biden can’t be president he can’t remember what day it is his mind is shoot thats why they kept him hid puppet not person

  9. Right now I’m not sending money to anyone but Trump’s new PAC and he can figure out who get’s the money! As in the past I have donated money to a certain candidate that I support only to find out it was going to ??? that said it was for them but???

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