BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets Great News – Democrats Furious

Former President Donald Trump got some great news as Florida Republicans embrace him, and he has even been called the “hometown president.”

President Trump has been busy since leaving the White House. Trump relocated to his Mar-a-Lago in Palm Springs, Florida, where he has established an office to deal with his affairs.

Not only has Trump moved his operation to Florida, but he has been busy meeting with key Republican figures. Despite the predictions from the mainstream media that Republicans would drop Trump, the opposite is the case.

Trump has reportedly had a meeting with House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), presumably to draw up a roadmap of the future for the Republican party.

Christian Ziegler, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, said of Trump that “When he wants to have an event, we would build an event around him. If he wants to make any visits around the state, we will facilitate. It is his party. He is our hometown president.”

Trump will be a force in the Republican party for years to come, and that is incredibly good news. Much work must be done to truly transform the Republican party from the stagnant good old boy’s club to a tool for real change in fighting the radical agenda of the Democrat party.

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