BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets Good News – Media Was WRONG

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confronted CNN’s Technical Director Charlie Chester about comments Chester made about purposely working to get Trump out of office.

O’Keefe walked into a diner where Chester was eating and asked him what he thought of the following statement: “Look what we did, we got Trump out. I am 100 percent going to say it, and I 100 percent believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out. … I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that.”

“You’re on tape saying this?” O’Keefe asked, but Chester said he didn’t want to talk.

O’Keefe also asked him about other comments Chester made about “propaganda” and “fear” mongering he said CNN engaged in against Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

Chester left the restaurant and drove away as O’Keefe shouted after him, “Drive away! But you won’t be able to drive away from the truth.”

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4 Responses

  1. There are too many people that rely on “news” that isn’t true or is tainted to the way the “news media” wants you to believe !!! When it smells “rancid” it probably is – think about it – the news media wants you to believe their propaganda and not what is the truth. Journalism has been tainted with untruths and money grabbers are going to do and say anything to line their pockets. How many times has a “story” been misreported ??? Facts seem to “dry up” when the truth is made prevalent – how many times has this happened ??? People, you have a brain – USE IT !!!

  2. Another word for journalist now days is LIAR and anyone that works for ABC, CBS, NBC, CBB and MSNBC also falls into that Group!!! What a SAD day for the NEWS..

  3. If the leftist say is isn’t so, I guess the sheep agree, it isn’t so, even though the evidence is clear that it is so. The leftist sheep are so blind and deaf that they will only believe what the fake media tells them. But thinking Americans know the truth and the lies the media tells will come back to bite them. Some already have.

  4. There are no journalists anymore in the MSM. They are fear mongers, liars, democrat dummies, and ignorant beyond belief.

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