BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets FANTASTIC News – Democrats Stunned

He may be out of the Oval Office, but Donald Trump is far from finished.

His impact is playing a large role in the future of Republican politics — something the Democrats are unhappy to hear.

“Republicans need to maintain the ‘Trump coalition of working-class Americans to win the [Ohio] seat,'” said Josh Mandel, the former Ohio treasurer.

This is good news for Trump and his pro-American perspective. Many in the GOP do not want to stray from the fight for American traditional values and putting the country first.

This includes Mandel:

I think the key is keeping the Trump coalition together. I feel very strongly that the Trump coalition is made up of working people, not country club Republicans, and I think the whole country club Republican set, the establishment Republicans, the Harvard elite, they look down on the people of Ohio. As you said, they got it wrong twice.

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