BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets Fantastic News – Democrats SHOCKED At Numbers

President Donald Trump just received fantastic news. Democrats are shocked by the numbers and don’t know what to do — they thought it was over.

As reported by Breitbart News, Trump’s “job approval remained steady at 52 percent on Monday, according to Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.” This is a three-point jump from the day after Election Day.

Perhaps even more people are realizing that Trump has followed through on his promises as best as possible and Joe Biden is nothing more than an empty suit. One has made America better, while the other has leached off America.

“Since November 6, Trump’s job approval has remained steady above 50 percent, with Trump reaching 53 percent on November 11,” Breitbart continued — and this is even as Trump has filed lawsuits related to voting irregularities.

It would seem that most Americans appreciate a president who fights for them, including the integrity of our election process. The mainstream media is trying to discredit his push, but he may up end having the last laugh.

This election is far from over and the Supreme Court may ultimately have to step in. Whether Trump is kept to a single term or continues to a second one, his legacy as an innovative, results-oriented president is already set.

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