BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets AMAZING News – The Numbers Prove…

Former President Donald Trump got amazing news as numbers show that his massive Hispanic support in the 2020 election came from first-time swing voters.

The Equis Research analysis showed that Hispanic voters who aren’t solidly partisan overwhelmingly supported President Trump. Trump brought in voters that aren’t Republicans and aren’t guaranteed to support other Republicans.

The research said, “Neither party should assume that a Hispanic voter who cast a ballot for Trump in 2020 is locked in as a Republican going forward. Nor can we assume this shift was exclusive to Trump and will revert back on its own.”

Thanks to Trump’s historic performance with the Hispanic community, he collected a Republican record 75 million votes.

The research continued, “Trump appeared to make gains in the last year of his term among voters usually on the sidelines of politics… the Trump coalition of Hispanic voters, still dwarfed in size by the Democratic coalition, grew on the margins thanks to a combination of defections and new voters, with likely a greater number of the latter.”

Trump showed that the traditional Democrat domination of minority votes isn’t something that can’t be overcome. Thanks to President Trump, Republicans took Florida with strong Hispanic support. The work that Trump started in 2020 will have to continue in 2022 for Republicans to succeed.

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9 Responses

  1. Who cares now? Why Trump did not go to the end? As he promised? He had all law and power at that time (looks like). He let people down. He let me down. Who cares now?

    1. They are still adding to the proof that illegal things happened.
      Lots of illegal changes to the election rules, lots of mysterious ballots, illegal voting, manipulative voting machines and crooked election people at the polls. Lots of separate instances.
      Why would the Supreme Court not even look at something so important?

  2. Supreme courts courts choose not to support the constitution and look at what took place with the election so sad they take an oath to the constitution and then turn there back on it John Roberts should be shot for TREASON Clarence Thomas should be leading the court not a communist John Roberts

  3. I, too, have to wonder why President Trump isn’t still sitting in the Oval Office? There is more than enough evidence to prove he overwhelmingly won the presidential election. One of America’s greatest freedoms is our right to elect our president! Yet, that right was clearly denied us in 2020 because it was rigged! Why has our Supreme Court refused to correct this blatant theft? It would take nothing more than watching Michael Lindell’s video, to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Democrat’s did some major cheating! It is so wrong to have an illegal president leading our country and it has totally destroyed our right to vote! For SCOTUS to sit on their hands and ignore this, is not being faithful to their oath to uphold the Constitution! If they neglect to do their job for something so important, they’re useless and we don’t really need a Supreme Court!

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