BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets AMAZING News – New Numbers Show…

Former President Donald Trump got amazing news from a recent CNBC survey, which showed that most Republicans want the former President to remain active in politics even after losing the 2020 election.

The survey conducted before the beginning of the impeachment trial found that nearly three-quarters of Republicans surveyed want Trump to remain relevant in politics.

While Democrats overwhelmingly support Trump leaving politics entirely, independents are more evenly split on Trump’s future.

Democrat pollster Jay Campbell said, “If we’re talking about Donald Trump’s future, at the moment, the survey shows he still has this strong core support within his own party who really want him to continue to be their leader.”

Despite his loss of the presidency, Trump is still an influential figure and could be in a position to guide the Republican party through the next four years.

To add to things, Trump has now beaten impeachment charges twice, and running for a political office is still on the table. However, Trump will likely take more of a behind-the-scenes role and help the party prepare for the midterm elections.

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