BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets AMAZING News – Fans Are Cheering

Historian and financier Conrad Black said in a Canadian National Post op-ed over the weekend what a lot of Americans are now thinking: President Joe Biden’s failed Afghanistan pullout has proven that Donald Trump’s re-election loss last fall was a “global catastrophe.”

Outside of Trump’s tweets and personal pettiness, Black said, he was an effective leader who had strengthened the West during his time in office.

“Seven months into the Biden regime, the truism that dare not speak its name is now almost too obvious to bear stating,” Black wrote. “It was a catastrophic error to evict Donald Trump.”

“There is open discussion of trying to reconstruct the Western alliance without American leadership,” he continued. “Biden’s own partisans are silent as his standing in the eyes of his countrymen crumbles. Is there any sane person who in the dark and quiet of their bedroom in the dead, vast, and middle of the night would not prefer Trump with his gaucheries to this horrifying immolation of American national credibility and of the unbroken right of the West over 2500 years to be the preeminent influence in the world?”

Black did receive a pardon from Trump, which will lead critics to question his objectivity regarding Trump, but it seems quite obvious that he is right in this case.

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20 Responses

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    1. Joe Biden needs to be removed from office now! Everything he touches turns to crap. It’s never ending. What new disaster will he dump on us next? i.e. Fuel shortages now where we were free from foreign energy. Higher prices for everything! Crime is on the increase. Russia and China are becoming aggressive. North Korea is firing up the ability to produce fuel for nuclear weapons. We’re being invaded over the southern border at the invitation of Joe Biden. Taxes are going up. The democrats want to spend what amounts to double the yearly amount of money to keep the country functioning. Logically, your federal taxes would have double to pay for the left wing tax and spend feel-good insanity. The Taliban are now armed with the latest of American weapons. I.e., 350,000 military rifles and pistols. Four C-130 heavy lift transport aircraft. Six close support airplanes. 20+ Blackhawk Army Helicopters with the latest military gear. Hundreds of transport vehicles including bomb resistant vehicles. Four M-1 Tanks, which I’m sure Russia and China with get a copy our latest improvements. 20 million plus rounds of ammo for the weapons left to the Taliban. What’s next? Is Biden going to approve technical support for all of the military hardware Biden stupidly left to the Taliban? It wouldn’t surprise me. Then there are the Americans and Afghans who helped Americans whose listed identity was given to the Taliban! HOW CAN BIDEN BE SO STUPID !!! Anything is possible with this idiot! We cannot wait for the snails pace of business as usual in Congress to get Biden out of office. Patriotic Military Leaders should use force to physically remove Biden from doing anymore of his stupidity! Most of those identified people in Afghanistan are probably going to die while the politicians procrastinate with their endless talk, talk, talk and nothing more.

  5. I have Faith in our Lord God. I believe we may not need to wait until 2022. There is a place in American history where the elected President died within a few months of the beginning of his time. He had beat out the one term President before him. The previous President took the oath and continued on as President. He also went on for two more terms. I am going to research this to see who and when this was.

    1. God has promised that this would happen. It is on God’s timeline and just hope it’s soon. God had said that all that was taken from us will be restored seven times. Can’t wait to see them brought to justice. What was done in darkness will be brought to the light. All corruption will be uncovered. They deserve everything they are going to get.

  6. I completely agree with Douglas, so well said, but If he goes Harris and Pelosi must also go. Here all crooked and rotten to the core. God Bless America and help her.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. It is no secret that the liberals are trying to stop the flow of news and bog us down with their constant “free ads”! Thankfully, many patriots are totally ignoring their grand plan to wipe out the news and are now quickly scrolling past their annoying scheme! It’s just too obvious, isn’t it, patriots?! They stole our 2020 election and now believe they can steal our freedom of speech and dump their Communism on our country! Sorry to disappoint these Dems, but their clever game of NOT being able to follow a conversation is NOT working! They’ve over-played their evil game with our Republic and it’s about to hit them squarely in the face! God will not allow them to destroy America any longer and things are soon going to change!
    BTW, it will be great to see that corrupt swamp disappear too! I urge all Christians to just keep the faith and KNOW that God is on our side! Also, thank the honest and brave reporters on this website who continue to write and publish the truth…for God will bless you for it.

  8. Biden has made a mess of every thing he has touched so far. From his first day in office reversing every thing Trump put into motion to shutting down the pipe line has came back to bite him. He has a mess at the border with drugs pouring in to gang members heading back to the cities. He is the most clueless president that ever existed. To many messes to mention and lies to contradict. He needs to move on.

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