BREAKING: Donald Trump FUMING After AG Releases Election Decision – WOW

Former President Donald Trump is fuming after his former Attorney General, Bill Barr, went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and revealed that he was shocked at how close the 2020 presidential election was.

According to Barr, he had already decided that Trump was going to lose the election because of Trump’s “obnoxious behavior.”

Barr told NBC host Chuck Todd, “I felt for a long time he was going to lose the election. I went in in April and told him I thought he was going to lose the election. His personal behavior, obnoxious behavior, was turning voters away, and I felt he was going to lose. I was actually surprised it was as close as it was.”

This latest comment further solidifies that Bill Barr was never on Trump’s side and very well may have been working against Trump during his time as Trump’s Attorney General.

Barr is simply the latest former Trump official who has happily thrown Trump under the bus to curry favor with the mainstream media and the Democrat Party.

Barr’s comments are especially significant because, as Attorney General, it fell to Barr to prosecute any allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Seeing how Barr had already made up his mind about the election, it is worth wondering if he bothered to properly investigate credible allegations of voter fraud.

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