BREAKING: Donald Trump Forces Them To ADMIT The Truth – Media Is Furious

President Donald Trump just forced them to admit the truth. The mainstream media is absolutely furious and Joe Biden’s campaign can’t believe it. This isn’t what the DC establishment predicted at all.

According to the Sun Sentinal, a south Florida newspaper, “The Washington Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday shows likely Florida voters favoring Trump over Biden 51% to 47%” the first time this year.

While it is true that “the poll’s margin of error” is “plus or minus 5 percentage points,” meaning the candidates could essentially be tied, many believe that Trump is surging at just the right time and Biden has hit his plateau.

In short, however, the state’s election “will be exceedingly close” and could even determine whether Trump is re-elected or Biden pulls off a win instead. But it wasn’t supposed to be such a razor-thin race — not according to the liberal media.

Not only was Trump supposed to be easy to defeat, but Biden, of all candidates, was the right Democrat to face the president. Once again, the conventional wisdom of the elite is proving to be false (again) and commonsense will win the day.

A vast majority of Americans support law and order; they do not want rioting in the streets. Trump has cracked down on the violence, while Biden has tried to benefit from it. This is just one of many issues that will sweep Trump to victory in November.

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