BREAKING: Donald Trump Finally Proven Right – Evidence Is Clear

President Donald Trump was finally proven right. The evidence is clear and Democrats can’t run from the truth anymore. They are terrified.

“President Trump earned more votes than any other Republican nominee candidate for president in our nation’s history, and those voters, that coalition is going to be critical going into the next election,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

Stefanik is completely right — and she is poised to replace Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) as House Republican Conference chair, one of the most powerful positions in the party. This is good news.

Simply put, Stefanik gets it. Unlike Cheney, who wants to make everything about her dislike for Trump, Stefanik believes that you cannot win without a coalition of voters.

Establishment Republicans like Cheney are doing everything they can to treat Trump voters like they don’t matter. This is going to cost her in her home state of Wyoming.

By contrast, Stepanik said that she “would listen to the voters across the country, which I do every day in my district, which voted overwhelmingly for President Trump.”

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8 Responses

  1. Again and again … a group of competent mathematicians have reported … it was impossible for Biden to have won the election. I checked several of the articles and agree it was mathematically impossible.

    1. That’s good news! Hope it’s just a matter of time to reinstate President Trump to his rightful Office.

      1. Mae,They better do something Biden is destroying everything President Trump did.It will a blessing when President Trump is representing “We the people”

    1. Salt is a very necessary. It preserve food in many way. You insulted the intergity of a product of such value.
      She is worth her weight in ragweed.

  2. We already know and are factually convinced, through much evidence, that President Trump won reelection.
    Now we need to find a lawful and constitutional way to put him back in the White House, and get the illegit one out.

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