BREAKING: Donald Trump Exposes Truth Joe Biden Doesn’t Want America To Hear

Former President Donald Trump had strong criticism for the Biden administration’s immigration policies during an appearance on Lisa Boothe’s podcast Monday.

Trump said it was a big mistake to reverse his policies of having illegal immigrants remain in Mexico to await their asylum hearings and to hamstring ICE from doing its job to detain and deport illegal immigrants.

Trump noted that these countries were not “sending their best” to the U.S. and that the crisis would get worse as time went on.

“As I said before, you have some very bad hombres coming up and we’re taking them into our country and it’s insane,” Trump said.

“We had it down to an absolute science; it was a beautiful thing to see,” Trump said of his own border policy, which Biden began reversing on his first day in office.

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104 Responses

  1. The border crisis is self-appointed by Biden and his crew !!! Where are they going? What are they to do? Who feeds them? Who houses them? Where’s the money coming from for them to make such a journey? Cartels are to blame, but, where does the blame really lie? Who opened the border and why? Facts are glaring in this administrations face, yet they disregard it !!! Americans had better step forward – AND IN A HURRY BEFORE MORE LOOSE ORDERS EMERGE !!!

    1. I totally agree Jerry! Well said! And yes…something has to be done soon…and it needs to be well planned out and organized….and have financial backing. Any ideas??? This entire thing is getting ridiculous!!

    2. The Americans are paying for all their needs. Housing, food and medical needs once they cross the border.

    3. They will get food, medical, money, housing. This is terribly wrong. Send them back before it is to late, if it is not to late already

  2. I believe it is going to end up being citizens and states to stop this. Sanctuary States stopping his executive orders from being carried out in each state.

    States need to take control back. Enforce strict guidelines for illegal immigrants to come in to your state, gun laws, etc. We can do this where states want their lives back and not under Biden insane rules. Those that follow Biden can have all of it.

    Flood your state representatives with calls, letter and emails. This is our country, not bidens!!

  3. The Biden administration is doing everything they can to destroy America and to destroy all of the that President Trump did to improve America. President Biden has Obama telling him what to do and exactly when to do it. It’s high time that the 74 million citizens that voted for President Trump in the 2020 election band together and We THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK BEFORE PRESIDENT BIDEN AND VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS AND NANCY PELOSI AND CHUCK SCHUMER AND NADLER AND MITCH MCCONNELL AND ALL THE CRIME AND CORRUPTION CRONIES DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!WE MUST REMOVE ALL OF PRESIDENT BIDENS EXECUTIVE ORDERS BEFORE THE DEMOCRATS DESTROY AMERICA!!!

    1. I agree with u over 100%. This country better stand up to this terrorist and just open jobs etc. Basically run ur life like biden doesn’t exist. No defunding law enforcement and support law enforcement against immigration and destroy blm

  4. Agree to all posts! It is imperative that governors of all states close their borders to illegals! The birder states governors need to send n.g. Troops to their borders to help border patrol keep them out! Where are the civilian militias? They could help as well! It is up to US to defend our country since our illegal president won’t! If obiden has HIS way, we will not have a country in another month! This has to stop!

  5. Who in government will start this fight? Anyone who voices an opinion contrary to the Dems all of a sudden gets sued, fired, ruined, or maybe just threatened because suddenly they turn quiet. HMM…

  6. Want to guess who is going to pay for this fiasco at the border…..we AMERICANS that STRIVE TO BE PROUD OF OUR COUNTRY, THE FLAG and work our butts off to make ends meet. Stimilus, ha….Biden will declare something else idotic that we will be paying for……….like every mistake he has made so far in office…..with the help of the so called American cronies that “advise” him……………God Help This Country………President Trump is a business man…..he fought hard to show how other countries have tried to run us. stood up for America…..called a spade a spade…..and now we are living in a mess.

  7. Until the rightful winner of the 2020 election, Donald Trump, is reinstated, we can only expect things to get worse everyday! Biden, at the behest of his owners…Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, George Soros, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer will only continue to destroy America! They are Hell-bent on making us a Communist State and killing our cherished Republic! As for the illegal immigrant children who are being held at the border, this is all for the sake of maintaining their money making pedophile business…NOT for the childrens safety! It’s past time for the Supreme Court to do their job and correct this dictatorship, starting with the crooked election! Otherwise, we can kiss our beloved America good-bye!

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