BREAKING: Donald Trump Enemy Gets What She Deserves – HILARIOUS

Former President Donald Trump has once again been proven innocent.

“Rep. Liz Cheney was mocked by conservatives Monday evening after a hearing of the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack produced text messages from former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that showed numerous people close to then-President Donald Trump, including his son, were surprised by the Capitol riot and reached out to him to issue a statement against it — which he then did,” reported Breitbart News.

“The January 6 committee, stacked with alumni from Trump’s two impeachments, including Reps. Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin, is proceeding on a theory that Trump and his allies had launched an ‘insurrection’ to seize power,” reported Breitbart News.

“But the text messages read by Cheney showed that Trump’s inner circle — including Meadows, Donald Trump Jr., and several Fox News opinion hosts — were stunned by the riot,” reports Breitbart News.

“We need an Oval Office address. He has to lead now. It has gone too far and gotten out of hand,” Trump Jr. texted to Meadows.

“Trump was later criticized for how long it took him to speak,” according to Breitbart News, “and for appearing to show sympathy for the rioters, but he did give an address telling them to leave peacefully.”

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  3. This entire Jan. 6 commission is just an extension of the shame impeachment BS. They (demoncraps) know this person knows how to do the job right and their in fear of the citizens of this country finally finding out that the smoke and mirror job they have put on is exposed for what it is. Lets hope that Trump gets reelected to yet again put the spot light on them once more and get the results that seem to evade them every day.

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