BREAKING: Donald Trump Election Bombshell – 2024 Confirmed…

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Sunday on ABC “This Week” that former President Donald Trump will be the 2024 presidential nominee if he wants to be.

“If he wants to be the Republican nominee for the Republican Party, it’s his for the taking,” Graham said.

In talking about January 6, Graham said he thinks the 2020 election exposed problems in the system that need reform, but that the 2020 election is over with, in his view.

“Donald Trump is the most consequential Republican in the Republican Party today,” he said. “He has a great chance of being president again in 2024. We’ll start comparing what he did as president versus what is going on now and how to fix the mess we’re in. If he looks backward, I think he’s hurting his chances.”

Graham is absolutely correct: Trump should drop the election fraud talk and let the cases now in the courts play out. Looking forward is going to serve him much better than continuing to focus on the past.

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