BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Georgia Bombshell – Voters Stunned

Former President Donald Trump dropped a bombshell during a speech on Saturday, saying that Republicans may have done better in Georgia had Democrat Stacy Abrams won.

Trump is not satisfied with Governor Brian Kemp and believes that having a Democrat in office would have lit a fire under voters.

Trump said during his Ohio rally that, “Stacey Abrams, she said she won for governor. By the way, we might have been better if she did win for governor of Georgia, to tell the truth.”

Governor Kemp refused even to entertain Trump’s allegations of voter fraud, and that was enough to get Republicans killed in the Senate run-off elections. A lesson for Republicans was learned, don’t mess with Trump and his voters.

Stacy Abrams would have been equally unsympathetic to Trump’s allegations, but at least voters would have come out for Republicans.

Weak Republicans like Brian Kemp are a liability all on their own, and electing just anyone with an (R) after their name is a recipe for disaster.

Read the full story here.

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