BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Evidence Bombshell – Not Possible…

At least until it was revealed to be utter garbage, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson spun a pretty entertaining yarn about Donald Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021.

Hutchinson claimed that Trump tried to grab the wheel of the presidential limousine after his speech on January 6 and steer the vehicle toward the Capitol Building.

She claimed to hear the story from at least Tony Ornato, who currently serves as the Assistant Director of the United States Secret Service Office of Training.

Now comes the big question:

Was Hutchinson lying, or was Ornato?

Obviously, anybody who has ever been in a limousine knows that it’s quite impossible for passengers in the back to grab the steering wheel.

“Wouldn’t even have been possible to do such a ridiculous thing,” Trump said about the incident.

Hutchinson claimed that she was told that while Donald Trump lunged for the steering wheel while fighting off his own security detail with the other hand.

There is only one man capable of driving and fighting at the same time, and it ain’t Trump.

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