BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Border Bombshell – Destruction Is Coming…

It really bothered former President Donald Trump that President Joe Biden didn’t even mention the serious problems at the U.S. Southern border, which some have called a crisis.

“One thing is that he didn’t discuss the border and the fact that tens of thousands of people are pouring into our country, many of them criminals, many of them people from jails, many of them doing acts that you don’t even want to know about. And they’re pouring into our country by the thousands at a level that’s never been seen before, and they’re doing absolutely nothing,” Trump told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Thursday morning after Biden’s speech.

Trump also decried Biden for refusing to finish building the wall because the few remaining gaps are being targeted by illegal border crossers.

He also trumpeted the stay in Mexico policy that he enacted, and which Biden discountinued.

“Now, everybody’s pouring into our country. It’s out of control,” he concluded. “It could destroy our country if it keeps going, and the longer it goes, the harder it is to stop. We had the best border that we’ve ever had in history, admitted by everybody, and all they had to do is leave it.”

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14 Responses

  1. No one really thought that biden would continue the right way to do business the right way for this country. They want to destroy this country.

  2. Biden should be held accountable for any thing the Illegals do in this country if anyone gets killed by them in any way the families of the victims should sue Biden and Harris cause it would not have happened if they had not opened the border

  3. DEMOC-RATS can do no wrong. Always above the rule of law and the constitution!
    They claimed that the 2020 election was not rigged; that the people have spoken and they have the mandate to do as they please.
    The people who voted them in power are equally responsible.

  4. Of course Biden is responsible for the crisis at the border. I think the governors of the border states could do something to combat the flow. Some are and bless them. The governors of the other states could refuse to take the immigrants into their state.

    1. Every governor needs to say we will not allow the illegals they are not welcome in our states go back where you came from and our military needs to step up and start shooting any of the illegals that come over

  5. I know that some of the bleeding hearts will say that is inhumane to not take the immigrants in, but the health of our nation depends on it. We need to take care of our own people before we flood the country with more needy people.

  6. Tiene toda la razón, la frontera estaba controlada, no había necesidad ninguna de tocar lo que se había hecho, si no era para hacerlo mejor, asi fue destruyendo todo lo que estaba funcionando bien, para empeorar las cosas, verdaderamente yo creo que ya deben ser muy pocos los norteamericanos que no se den cuenta de que es lo que quieren hacer los demócratas principales con nuestro país, ya el partido Demócrata no es el John F Kennedy, y todos debían saberlo, Joe Biden quiere hacer con Estados Unidos lo que gorvachov hizo con la URSS, cambiarla en el caso de gorvachov, era para liberar pueblos y países que hoy están mucho mejor, en el caso de Biden lo que quiere es destruír a Estados Unidos, por razones que en su estupidez y falta de lucidez, no sabe ni por qué ?

  7. If the idiotic “chiefs” in the White House keep looking the other way, ignoring the border mess and the unrest of the true American people, not only will we wind up with a border war, but a Civil War between the citizens of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…..what ever happened to clear and logical thinking and principles………….we will have hell to pay for our so called leaders mistakes.

  8. For 47 years as a politician, Biden has been seedy, lying and corrupt. Did we expect anything more to from this gutter trash! His whole family is the same. Hunter has been proven a chip off his old man. Ashley, their daughter, has already been in a Florida rehab for an alchol problem. They are all habitual liars, including the so called Dr!

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  10. Bide and Harris need c to be impeached. Maybe if we vote republican in 2022 that will happen unless more dems start seeing things the way Manchen does

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