BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Bombshell – It’s Not Over

President Donald Trump just dropped a bombshell. It isn’t over and millions of supporters are stunned. This is incredible.

Speaking to a crowd of about 500 people, Trump said on his last day in office: “Goodbye. I love you. We’ll be back in some form.” Now, people are wondering what exactly he meant.

This definitely means he won’t be going away — and supporters are absolutely thrilled by that announcement. But to “be back in some form” is an interesting way of putting it.

Some have wondered whether Trump would start his own political media channel, which would draw millions of viewers on day one. It would be another avenue for speaking to Americans.

Trump has also dropped hints that he may start a political party called the Patriot Party. This would cause major heartburn for both the Republican and Democratic parties.

For now, we will have to see. But Trump made sure to remind people that the incoming administration has “the foundation to something really spectacular” based upon his administration’s accomplishments.

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