BREAKING: Donald Trump Criminal Charges – America Stunned

Criminal charges were just called for against President Donald Trump. America is completely stunned — the anti-Trump left has gone mad. They will never stop trying to destroy this president.

During a recent radio interview, the host asked Mary Trump, the president’s niece, if he should be “charged with crimes” over his COVID-19 response. Trump said, “Yup, I do.”

She also said that the president “needs to be indicted for his financial crimes at the state level,” claiming that “everything needs to be looked into.” Unsurprisingly, she was also promoting her new book.

Her book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” is an alleged tell-all about the Trump family and President Donald Trump’s rise to the White House.

The book’s description says it “shines a bright light on the dark history of their family in order to explain how her uncle became the man who now threatens the world’s health, economic security, and social fabric.”

Mary Trump is clearly out for fame and money. It is no coincidence that she is taking interviews and releasing a book less than 100 days for the election. This is a coordinated smear campaign.

See the full story here.

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