BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Senate Announcement – Fans Cheering

Former President Trump has everyone wondering what his next move will be, and he’s been a little quiet compared to the twitter happy president we knew before.

“Trump is set to attend a fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago resort next week with Arizona GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters, his first public involvement in the state’s marquee Senate race,” The Hill reported.

The Hill obtained an invitation that shows the event will cost $2900 per person. Donors giving $25,000 before the event will have the opportunity to take a photo with Trump.

“The invitation also shows that the host committee for the event includes an array of prominent tech titans and conservative mega-donors, including Peter Thiel, who has already dumped $10 million into a super PAC backing Masters, and Rebekah Mercer. Masters is the chief operating officer at Thiel Capital and president of the Thiel Foundation,” according to The Hill.

Trump has not issued an endorsement in the GOP Senate yet, so his involvement in the fundraiser is raising some eyebrows.

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