BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Russia’s REAL Plan – Biden FUMING…

Former President Donald Trump confirmed that Russia’s real plan to advance its position on the world stage has all been made possible by President Biden’s “incompetent” foreign policy.

Trump specifically pointed to the disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan as a key point where President Biden revealed just how weak he was when it came to America’s interests abroad.

Trump told Fox New’s “Fox and Freinds” that “How we got here is when they watched Afghanistan, and they watched the most incompetent withdrawal in the history of probably any army let alone just us, and President Xi [Jinping] and President Putin – watch what happens with China very soon with Taiwan – and they watched that, and they said: ‘What’s going on? They don’t know what they’re doing.’ And all of a sudden I think they got a lot more ambitious.”

The tensions we are seeing between Russia and Ukraine would not be happening if President Biden was able to project the slightest amount of authority. Unfortunately for Ukraine, America’s reputation abroad is in tatters, and Russia has little deterrent from marching into Kyiv.

Trump continued saying, “I think Putin really wanted to negotiate for a period of time, but when he watched Afghanistan when he watched that unbelievably bad withdrawal, incompetent, where they took the Military out first, where they left $85 billion worth of equipment behind for the Taliban to have and to use and of course the deaths that happened – when they watched all of that I think they got emboldened.”

Russia’s real plan isn’t to claim worthless land in Eastern Ukraine; they have much higher ambitions than just simple territory. With the help of President Biden, their mission to become the most influential power is going quite well.

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