BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Rumors – He’s Not Interested In…

Former President Donald Trump just confirmed the rumors. He is not interested in this proposal and millions of people across the nation are stunned.

During an appearance on Newsmax TV, Trump was asked about replacing radio legend Rush Limbaugh, who recently passed away. “He would be a hard one to replace … he’s irreplaceable,” said Trump.

“You wouldn’t want to follow Rush … some things just can’t be done. He was unique,” Trump continued, graciously declining the offer to sit behind the broadcaster’s golden microphone.

Trump, of course, is right — Limbaugh is “irreplaceable” and the void he has left in conservative media will felt for years to come. But what is next for the former president? Speculation continues to swirl.

He has already started a political action committee — Save America PAC — which currently has over $30 million to spend on candidates and causes that are close to Trump’s heart. He will undoubtedly be a force.

Look for Trump to endorse and donate to congressional candidates during the 2022 election. There is a real possibility that he may even support primary opponents for weak Republicans.

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