BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms It – Surprise Move Shocks GOP

Former President Donald Trump plans to endorse a challenger to Rep. Liz Cheney in the Wyoming primary to try to get her out of the House after she voted to impeach him in January.

“So many people are looking to run against Crazy Liz Cheney — but we only want one,” Trump said while talking to reporters.

“She is so far down in Wyoming polls that the only way she can win is numerous candidates running against her and splitting the vote,” Trump wrote about Cheney. “Hopefully, that won’t happen. I’ll make an Endorsement soon!”

Cheney’s popularity in the state dropped dramatically after she voted to impeach Trump, and Wyoming State Sen. Anthony Bouchard had a healthy lead on Cheney in polls taken in late January.

Even though Cheney is the third-highest ranking Republican in the House, it seems like she might not win re-election because of her choice to oppose Trump.

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  1. Votes have consequences. Cheney needs to go. No Republican should vote to impeach a President with such flimsy evidence, and such major malice from the opposing Party.

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