BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms HUGE Campaign News – 2024 Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump just confirmed huge campaign news. It is the 2024 bombshell everyone has been waiting to hear about.

During an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Trump said that he was “looking at it very seriously, beyond seriously,” referring to the 2024 presidential election.

“From a legal standpoint, I don’t want to really talk about it yet,” he continued. It will probably also depend on whether a Republican gets in the race that Trump can support.

Understandably, he won’t just endorse anyone — there are too many RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) who pined for his support and then betrayed him. See also: Mitt Romney.

But this is also the surest sign yet that he can’t be counted out from running himself. You can almost hear the gnashing of teeth in the CNN and MSNBC newsrooms and throughout the DC swamp.

During the interview, Trump took aim at President Joe Biden as well — criticizing “how bad things are at the border,” attacks on the Second Amendment, and “taxes going up.”

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