BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms He’s Really Doing It – Fans Cheering…

Former President Donald Trump is set to speak at the National Rifle Association Convention, and he said is going to drop some truth bombs about what America really needs.

“Trump will speak at the National Rifle Association’s Annual Leadership Forum this week in the wake of the horrific tragedy at a Texas elementary school, previewing an ‘important address to America,'” reports Breitbart News.

“America needs real solutions and real leadership in this moment, not politicians and partisanship,” Trump said.

“That’s why I will keep my longtime commitment to speak in Texas at the NRA Convention and deliver an important address to America,” Trump added.

“In the meantime, we all continue to pray for the victims, their families, and for our entire nation—we are all in this together!” he continued.

Trump is tired of everything, including tragic school shootings, being made political, and he is ready to do something about it.

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